Monthly Archives: January 2015

29012015-slip on camuflage 036

Camouflage Slip On

By Vanessa Basanta | 24 Comments

Walking in the city with camouflage mode on ;-), I normally combine the militar colors with black or grey, but in this occasion I choose the white, even in winter,…

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25012015-gris style moi 050

Style Moi

By Vanessa Basanta | 37 Comments

Hello Friends! How is your week going? I hope great I’m pretty busy this week, because next week is 080 Barcelona Fashion Week!! the best fashion event of the city,…

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24012015-Sixities Look 213

White Fur Coat

By Vanessa Basanta | 34 Comments

Last week I talked about sixties fashion and I found a lot of cool and nice looks from that time, so I decided to do a look inspired on that…

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16012015-Camiseta Finally Friday 110

Hello Friday!!

By Vanessa Basanta | 30 Comments

Hello Friday!! How much we love Friday isn’t? lol XD I found this Mango quote t-shirt very cool! however is a t-shirt you might only wear on Friday cause if…

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17012015-Forever 21 jumpsuit 091

Black Tie Jumpsuit

By Vanessa Basanta | 43 Comments

Last Sunday we went with our boy to a place we love: The Ciutadella Park, it has this name because it was built in the old lands of the city,…

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