Monthly Archives: August 2014


Hard and Soft

By Vanessa Basanta | 24 Comments

Hii Guys!! OK, I start the week rocking hehe with this look I wore last saturday to have some drinks with friends. Felt in love with those Zara booty for…

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Hello Santiago

By Vanessa Basanta | 25 Comments

Hii again guys!!! How is it going? Hope all is going well. I’m back from hols it’s nice to be back on my bloging tasks again, as some of you…

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Asphalt Mickey

By Vanessa Basanta | 44 Comments

Hiiii! With this look I take the oportunity to say bye…. for now hehe ;), I’m going for holidays during two weeks, as I told you previously on my blog,…

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Weekly Inspo: Normcore

By Vanessa Basanta | 9 Comments

This week inspo is about Normcore, the new unisex fashion trend of 2014, the term is the mix of “normal” and “hardcore”. It is caracterized to be unpretentious and average-clothing…

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Bring on the Night…

By Vanessa Basanta | 19 Comments

How is week going beauties!! Here in Barcelona the weather is quite hot, and I can’t wait to my next travel to Galicia, only a few days left now This…

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